The Eco-friendliest Timber Windows Brisbane Can Provide

We get one chance to make a first impression and one opportunity to live on this beautiful earth. Our impact on life, from first introductions to consumption of resources, has a lasting impression on the world around us both big and small. Colonial Warehouse is dedicated to making a positive impact. By ethically sourcing the highest quality red cedar and spotted gum, we can create the most energy efficient, eco-friendly and elegant timber windows Brisbane will see.

The windows of your home are the perfect opportunity to make a powerful first impression. It’s essential to have structurally strong windows to weather the Australian conditions, but why not make a strong statement too? Our timber windows are constructed from red cedar from the Toonah family and Australian spotted gum. Durable and sustainably sourced through the NSW and QLD Forestry Departments, both have desirable qualities for exterior joinery. Red cedar is naturally less prone to swelling and termites, while spotted gum is a bushfire rated timber perfect for rural dry areas. Beyond being powerful structurally, both kinds of wood have a natural warmth and exquisite grain giving your windows a unique look and adding property value to your home. Rest assured, your home will leave a lasting impression, with timber windows Brisbane will be coveting and the ability to say your home is eco-friendly.

We also have a variety of window shapes to open up your home and find a new light. From beautiful bifolds that allow the fresh Australian air to waft through, to artfully designed porthole windows, we can customise and explore every option to find the most energy efficient and stylish timber windows for you. Our commitment to sustainability is unmatched, and we have the best quality timber windows Brisbane can offer. Let us help you leave a lasting impression today.