High-Quality Timber Doors in Sliding, French, and Verandah Varieties from Colonial Warehouse

Get stunning, durable, and long-lasting colonial timber doors when you work with a well-respected timber company who specifically trades in joinery and dedicates themselves to product quality and eco-friendliness. For all your timber joinery needs, partner with Colonial Warehouse.


Premium Quality Timber from Eco-Conscious Colonial Warehouse

We are a family-owned operation local to Brisbane. Our family has worked in the timber industry for six generations designing and manufacturing practical, high-quality, beautiful external joinery from authentic red cedar and Australian spotted gum. Each piece is handmade and protected by a 5-year guarantee.

All our timber is responsibly sourced either from purpose-grown plantations or government-regulated forests. Committed to improvement, we’re always evaluating our practices searching for ways to reduce waste and our environmental impact. To that cause, our founder, Max Lang, works with authorities on forest conservation and improving forestry practices. Colonial Warehouse utilises our scrap timber to make “green” joinery products. Max lobbies to make our practice an industry norm.

The smooth grain of red cedar timber is a popular building material because its built-in preservative properties resist termites, rot, and fungus while its strength allows little shrinkage, swelling, or warping. Australian spotted gum is a hardwood that holds the Australian brush fire rating. Both kinds of wood are perfectly suited for our harsh Australian climate.

We use glass expected to withstand category four cyclone winds. Choose between laminated or toughened varieties. Laminated glass is encased in a thin clear sheet. Should there be a break, the pieces are held within the casing preventing injury and easing disposal. Alternatively, toughened glass is designed to crumble instead of shatter. The resulting pieces are not sharp reducing the threat of injury during cleaning and removal.


Custom Sliding and French Colonial Timber Doors

Come down to our showroom in Brisbane to see the styles of sliding timber doors we offer. If you don’t see what you need, or you need uncommon sizes in bulk varieties, we’re happy to complete custom orders. All customisations are delivered raw allowing you to stain, varnish, or paint as desired. Stains are a great choice when wanting to highlight the natural beauty and regal decadence of colonial French doors.

Paint, however, is a fun accent for colonial verandah doors that will make the accommodation property stand out. Vibrant colours make the property easier to find and harder to forget. If paint is your desired finish, we recommend oil-based paints as the oil works to preserve the timber. Talk to our team about our finishing services which include full varnishing or pre-prime and undercoats for paint finishes.