Our environmental commitment

The world’s rainforests need to be protected for the planet’s health and for future generations to enjoy. 

All timber used in Colonial Warehouse products are purchased from purpose-grown plantations or government managed forests with programs in place for replanting trees. We continually assess our practices to ensure our methods are as environmentally friendly as possible. We are also constantly creating new and innovative ways to reduce the waste of scrap timber, engineering it into ‘green products’ and smaller joinery items.

Our timber is beautiful, durable and sustainable

Timber has longed been used for its natural beauty, warmth and touch. As well as its aesthetic properties, timber is strong, durable and energy efficient.

The timbers that we use are selected for their beauty and for their properties that make them perfect for withstanding the harsh conditions of the Australian climate.

At Colonial Warehouse we source a specific red cedar from the Toonah family, which is of the same high quality Australian red cedar. The durable, long lasting nature of this timber has made it highly sought after for exterior joinery. Red cedar has a fine and stable grain structure, which minimises shrinkage, swelling, warping and twisting. This makes it a great choice for timber joinery for the harsh Australian climate. Cedar also has its own built-in preservatives, making it naturally resistant to termites, borers, rot and fungus growth.

Colonial Warehouse also uses Australian spotted gum, grown in Northern NSW and QLD. Spotted gum is one of the best-known Australian hardwood timbers, which has traditionally been used in flooring and general construction. This timber is a popular choice for Australian families living in rural areas that need a bush fire rated timber. Spotted gum is an Australian Standard bush fire rated timber. We use this timber across our range of window sills and joinery that require bush fire rating. All our spotted gum is harvested sustainably with the NSW and QLD Forestry Departments.

Colonial Warehouse products are delivered raw, so they can be finished in your colour and style. You can enjoy the rich colour and beautiful grain by simply adding a stain, or you can paint the products to suit your design. Red cedar’s lack of pitch and gum veins makes it very suitable for a varnished finish. A brush of varnish will bring out the beautiful colours, varying from brown to red. We recommend and use Cabot’s exterior varnish, in either satin or clear. This product gives the best oil-based finish and protection to your timber products. For paint, we highly recommend that our products are finished in oil based paints, in order to properly protect the timber. We offer a full varnishing service, or we can pre-prime and under coat products, ready for the final coats to be applied after installation on site. Please contact us for a free quote.  

Not all timber products are created equal. Please be aware of cheap imitations, soft timber and Surian timber, which is often sold as cedar. This timber is native to rainforests throughout South-East Asia, has a very low durability rate and is not recommended for external joinery use in Australia. It is light in weight and has the severe tendency to cup and warp. Some companies in Australia that use the Surian timber call it ‘red cedar’, however it is not remotely related. Always ask your supplier what species of timber they are using and if in doubt, please check the Forestry Website.