Our guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work. The production of all Colonial Warehouse products is strictly supervised for quality and workmanship. When you buy our products, you are investing in excellence in workmanship and materials, backed with our longstanding reputation. There is no better joinery for sale in Australia.

All Colonial Warehouse products are guaranteed to be of excellent quality materials, workmanship and free from defects. We proudly provide a full 5-year guarantee for each item from the date of purchase.

Further details on the guarantee and warranties can be found in the terms and conditions section.


Our commitment to safety is crystal clear

Colonial Warehouse only uses high quality glass that is much stronger than float glass, to meet or exceed Australian Standards.  

Customers can choose between the 6.38mm laminated glass or 5mm toughened glass. The laminated glass is ideal for families. The laminate ensures that if the glass sheet is damaged, it will stay firmly in place.

If broken, the 5mm toughened glass will crumble into small granules, unlike conventional clear-float glass that breaks into large dangerous shards. Our glass products are so strong they are wind rated to C4 – to withstand a category four cyclone or similar wind speeds.

We also offer a myriad of glass finishes, including plain, bevelled, sand-blasted, frosted and patterned for interior and exterior applications.