Achieve an Elegant, Coastal Aesthetic with Hampton Style French Entry Doors from Brisbane’s Colonial Warehouse

The Hamptons style has been growing increasingly popular throughout Australia in recent years Named after the Hamptons, a United States beachside community in Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style pairs timeless elegance with a relaxed, coastal feel The Hamptons are known as a summer... ... read more.

Where to Find The Most Unique Hampton and Timber Casement Windows Brisbane Can Offer

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From French Doors to Hampton Timber Doors, Rely on Colonial Warehouse to Provide High Quality Timber Doors for Sale in Brisbane

When it comes to selecting a new front door for your home, it’s important to do some research into the timber used for the door Not only will the quality of the timber determine the door’s durability and provide most of its aesthetic qualities, but it will also tell you how ethically and... ... read more.

Home Window Replacement Made Easy: Explore Your Kitchen Window Costs and Options

Home is your oasis away from the minutiae of everyday life Whether you’re relaxing after a long day of work or inviting family and friends over for quality time, your home should be the place you feel safest and most at ease Colonial Warehouse wants to help you feel your best in your home Our... ... read more.

The Most Unique Timber Doors Brisbane Can Offer

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The Eco-friendliest Timber Windows Brisbane Can Provide

We get one chance to make a first impression and one opportunity to live on this beautiful earth Our impact on life, from first introductions to consumption of resources, has a lasting impression on the world around us both big and small Colonial Warehouse is dedicated to making a positive impact... ... read more.

How to Get High-Quality Timber External Bifold/Folding Doors for Your Brisbane Home

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Beautify Your Home with Timber Bifold Windows in Brisbane at an Affordable Price

Bifold windows (sometimes referred to as ‘bi-fold windows’) are a distinctive design made up of typically two or more framed, windowed panels that have been hinged together These types of windows have the excellent benefit of opening up concertina style, which allows for more air to flow... ... read more.

High-Quality Timber Doors in Sliding, French, and Verandah Varieties from Colonial Warehouse

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Buying a Brisbane Louver: Glass and Timber Louvre Windows at a Cost You’re Sure to Love

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Shop Colonial Warehouse in Brisbane for Double Hung Timber Windows for Hampton Home

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