8 Lite & 8 Fixed Sidelites

French Doors
8 Lite & 8 Fixed SidelitesFrench Doors

One of our most popular french door combination sets.  The sets are available in single lite or 8lite french door designs.  The double hung sidelites allow ventilation when the doors are closed.  This set comes fully assembled with stainless hinges and black whitco spirals in the double hung.  Both single lite and 8 lite are available in stock in all sizes.   Other styles or sizes can be custom made upon request. Also available in pre-primed and varnished finish.




2106×2023x140mm 1070 wide french doors $2321
2106×2173x140mm 1220 wide french doors $2354
2106×2203x140mm 1070 wide french doors $2384
2106×2353x140mm  1220 wide french doors $2413
2106×2553x140mm 1220 wide french doors $2550
2106×2773x140mm 1440 wide french doors $2613
2106×2953x140mm 1620 wide french doors $2684
2106×3353x140mm 1620 wide french doors $2729

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