4 Sashes 2 Fixed 2 Sliding

Sliding Windows
4 Sashes 2 Fixed 2 Sliding Sliding Windows

Our red cedar sliding windows are easily screened and available in a range of sizes.  We also do stacker sliders so two-thirds of the window space can be opened. 




600x2100x140 Sliding Window $1285
600x2400x140 Sliding Window $1449
1000x2100x140 Sliding Window $1512
1000x2400x140 Sliding Window $1565
1000x3000x140 Sliding Window $1779
1200x2100X140 Sliding Window $1525
1200x2400X140 Sliding Window $1586
1200x3000X140 Sliding Window $1906
1200x3600X140 Sliding Window  $2198

Our Product Guarantee

Our products sold through Colonial Warehouse carry a 7 year guarantee against shrinkage, warping or faulty workmanship. Should this unlikely event occur, we will replace the product at the soonest possible time, free of charge. Our products are of the highest quality, and we stand by them 100%.

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