Subject to terms and conditions listed herein, all joinery supplied by Colonial Warehouse, is guaranteed to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects which render the goods unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they were manufactured , for 5 years from the date of purchase.


Variations of colour, texture and grain are natural characteristics of timber and should not be considered defects. All joinery is supplied raw and final sanding, filling, sizing and cleaning is the responsibilty of the purchaser.

Care must be taken when storing joinery, ensuring that the joinery is stored in a dry area free from dampness, concrete surfaces or freshly plastered areas.

The structual strength of the mortice and tenon doors must not be compromised by cutting, installing hardware or alterations. All doors should be hung in weather protected areas and standard doors must be hinged with three butt hinges.

Warp shall be interpreted as meaning the cupping, bowing,or trwisting of doors. It refers to the distortion within the door itself and not its relationship to the frame in which its hung. Warp exceeding 5mm shall be deemed a defect. French doors must be fitted with a barrel bolt top and bottom of the inner rebated door. The guarantee against warp does not apply to the following – any doors wider than 920mm or higher than 2135mm, doors that are hung improperly, and doors that have been painted dark colours. When warp occurs after delivery, it is usually due to incorrect storage or adverse moisture conditions after hanging, and is not due to faulty workmanship. Colonial warehouse will not accept resposiblilty for goods when moisture of the joinery falls below 12% or exceeds 18%.

It is imperative that doors and windows are properly sealed PRIOR to installation – on all sides, particularly the undersides which may be difficult to get to after installation. This means that the joinery must receive 2 coats of undercoat and 2 coats of paint or stain before hanging. Painting your joinery a dark colour such as black is not recommended as it attracts the heat and will void this guarantee. Regular maintenance is essential, and joinery must always be kept sealed and in good condition to prevent exposure to weather and deterioration.

Should the manufacturer be in breach of a condition the guarantee under Section 69 of the Trade Practices Act will be limited to: such remedy or the repair of the products, or the replacement of the product or part, or the resupply of the product or part, or the payment of the costs of resupplying the product, or the payment of the cost of replacing the product. No claim will be accepted unless notified in writing to Colonial Warehouse within 7 days of the date of delivery of the products. Colonial Warehouse will not be held resposible for hanging, painting, hardware or any other additional cost arising from replacement of doors or windows. Any defects must be brought to the attention of the manager of Colonial Warehouse when discovered and be within the 5 year waranty period. Proof of purchase is required, so please keep your receipt somewhere safe. Colonial Warehouse is not liable to reimburse any purchaser for doors replaced or repaired without written consent to repair or replace the doors or windows.

When shipping or transporting doors and windows, it is recommended that the purchaser takes insurance against damage with the nominated carrier. Considerable damage can occur when transporting joinery, particularly to country areas, and it is advisable to ask for goods to be packaged on a pallet and wrapped to minimise the risk of damage. This is done at a cost of $40 per pallet. Colonial Warehouse is not responsible for any damage during transit.