Why We Use

Red Cedar Wood?

Cedar has a fine and stable grain structure making it a great choice for timber joinery which is suitable for the harsh Australian climate. Its fine grain minimizes shrinkage, swelling, warping and twisting.

Its lack of pitch and gum veins make it good to varnish, bringing out its natural colours which vary from light brown to red.  Cedar also has natural built in preservatives which makes it resistant to termites, borers, rot and fungus growth.

Timber Doors & Windows from Colonial Warehouse are quality manufactured. We also custom make to any size of Door or Window you may require. With a large range of Timber Bifold Doors & Windows, Varnished Entry Doorsets, Double Hung Windows, Casement Windows, Verrandah Doors & more. With two stores now located in Brisbane and in Melbourne, purchasing timber doors and windows has never been easier. We can help assist with delivery interstate also.

Species used: Cedar vs Surian
To the customer, all joinery supplied by most companies is always of good quality and the correct species for the job, right? WRONG. We use Red Cedar of the Toonah Family where as most other companies use Surian Timber. The Toonah Family is the same as Australian Red Cedar, with HIGH durability/quality and is a long lasting timber most favoured for exterior joinery. Toonah (Red Cedar) has been used in joinery in Australia  for centuries.
Surian is a native to rainforests throughout South-East Asia and has a very low durability rate and is NOT recommended for external joinery use. It is light in weight and has the severe tendency to cup and warp. Most Joiners in Australia use it and call it Red Cedar –but it is not even closely related.
Ask your supplier what species of timber they are using and check the Queensland Forestry Website for yourself .   If you require the best in quality and workmanship…call in and see us. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.